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2022-09-16. Well, this is Susan.  I'm the owner to Bead-Therapy.  I really do try to be in the shop as much as I can, but I frequently have to work my old job in order to pay the bills.  I love the shop, and don't get me wrong, but opening the shop was not really the best financial move I could have made.  I was really hoping to NOT have to work my old job by now and was hoping to be able to enjoy the shop and beading more than I'm able to do right now.  And taking some vacation once in a while would be nice too.  Can't really afford to do that either.

So, what am I doing right now?  I'm in Florida helping my parents move into an idependent living retiremement apartment.  IN FLORIDA.  Where they have no family.  Sure, they've lived here for the past 22 years and have friends here, but at age 88 and 89, most of their friends are of similar age and are not getting out much.  So why can't they move to Chattanooga, where I could at least see them a fair amount before they go to the great beyond?  Because Chattanooga is too cold.  I'm so sad.  The Arbors is a nice place and has assisted living and skilled unit available for when the need arises, but still.....  I would have liked to be able to visit more than I have been able to being 6.5 hours away.  Oh well.  I really TRIED to convince them to come to Chattanooga.  They won't come.  I'm over it.  I have given up.

My brother (who lives in Colorado- even FARTHER away) is here helping, and for that I'm grateful.  The one thing that I am NOT grateful for?  My parents poorly functioning AC unit.  They didn't even realize that it wasn't working.  UGH!  It's a tad hot.  AC set on 74.  Inside temp 81.  Ugh!!!  Wish me luck and grant me courage.