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Free Pattern Sites-  all links should open in a new window.

  • Jill has a multitude of free patterns on her site - one of which I have several people asking for frequently- the Two-Hole Herringbone Bracelet. Jill has a tutorial for this showing it in several different Two-hole beads. I love it!!! And just who DOESN'T Love Jill Wiseman?!? (everybody loves her!!!)
  • Off the Beaded Path - Kelly Dale's YouTube Channel (she does a lot of Bead Therapy!!)
  • YouTube Patterns that look like fun (or are basic tutorials for the most often used stitches) I posted several of these on my Facebook page for people not venturing out during COVID times (very smart of you!).
  • Bronze Pony Beading Tutorials - This is a YouTube channel that has a LOT of free video tutorials that are fabulous! Go check them out!!!
  • The Bead Shop - YouTube channel- some nice easy free classes and things to do!- Another Youtube channel with lots of good stuff on it.

Various pattern tutorials - there are several, these just looked pretty good to me.

Dutch Spiral

Flat Spiral

Herringbone (Ndeble)



Russian Spiral

All Free Jewelry Making Site

Bead Crochet -Designing your own patterns program site  -  I'm going to download this and see how it works, I'm totally not sure that I can get it to work, but here is the site -

If you know of a great site with free patterns that I don't have listed, please let me know by clicking here-