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Lori Teaching Christmas Earrings and Angel Tree Ornaments!

Make some beautiful Christmas earrings and/or a Lovely Christmas Angel Tree Ornament with Lori! Lori has been making these Angels for years and the have been very popular! This is a Beginning Beading Class! No students younger than 14 please. Bring your round nose and chain nose pliers if you have them. We will have tools to check out and use at the shop if you need tools.

Susan Teaching Her Own Beaded Christmas Ornament Cover!

You know, Christmas is just around the corner and I love Love, LOVE Bejeweled Christmas Ornaments!!! Making the covers is easy and it really dresses up your tree and makes special gifts for friends! Cost of this class is $25 plus supplies. I'll probably make up kits for the classes since you sure don't need whole strands for most of the beads. These are fun and easy to make!

Open Bead Night!!

Open Bead Day/Night is always on Thursdays from 10A-9PM (Yes, every Thursday).

Dec 10
Mandie Teaching Chakra Beading Yule and GIVING Party!
Dec 11
Tommy Jones Silversmithing demonstration and ring/jewelry repair.
Dec 11
Nancy Teaching her Quick and Easy Bramble Bracelets!