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June 2021 - NEWSLETTER and Anniversary Celebration!!!


June Newsletter of Fun Events at Bead-Therapy.


June is Bead-Therapy’s Anniversary #1 in the new location, Susan’s Birthday AND Bead-Therapy’s 6th Annual Celebration.  You KNOW that **I’m** sure NOT getting any younger!!!  So I figure that we have to have fun while we can!!  More on this Celebration further down the Newsletter- the classes are Great this month!!

First of all, I wanted to mention a couple of great events going on (not really part of the Celebration, but still a great thing) is Elizabeth Edwards, Nationally known beadweaving instructor,  is teaching RIGHT ANGLE WEAVE BOOTCAMP! On June 5th, 2021.  This stitch scares a lot of people (for reasons unknown to me, it’s TOTALLY my FAVORITE stitch- and Elizabeth’s), and is one of the most versatile stitches known!  It can be embellished in any number of ways and you can never get tired of it.  And Cubic Right Angle Weave?  Even more fabulous!!!  This class will prepare you and give you lots of confidence to tackle her July 10th classes- Sari and Relentless Rebel.  Both great Right Angle Weave projects. For more information on Boot Camp- Click HERE.  Cost of this class is $65.  She has a more Right Angle Weave Classes coming up in July with a really nice 2 for 1 price if you want to take both classes!!!  See these classes HERE and HERE.  ($55 includes kit for either, taking both $85 includes kit for both- NICE!!!)

Watch her video about Boot Camp! This is going to be a great class, so DON’T MISS IT!!  It is a long class, we will stop for lunch and we will make you get up and move about every hour (and do maybe a jumping jack or two just to get the real boot camp feeling!!!  She is a great teacher and we are lucky to have her!


June 2nd, 2021- Beginning Beading with Susan (this is a Wednesday) at 10am-12:30pm.  Want to design your own jewelry? Restring or learn how to fix something that’s broken? Make a bracelet that is small/large enough to FIT you?  Come take this class and free your imagination for designing original pieces of jewelry.  Supplies needed (if you have them) include a chain-nose pliers, beading wire, beads and clasp.  All supplies are for sale at bead therapy.  Cost of this class is $25 (+ supplies) and is a beginning beading class.  Link to class.


June 8-12, 2021- Soul of Somanya TRUNK SHOW!!  Melody is venturing out again after a long hard year of COVID seclusion!  Her items are not going to be included in all the sale prices, but I’ll allow you to count her sale total (minus tax) in your total for larger discount.  Is that nice or what?!?  Melody won’t be teaching classes during this event (well, if you want to bring in 2 or more people and twist her arms- she might consider it….), but she will be teaching later in July.  More about Soul of Somanya and how they are helping- HERE.

June 12th, 2021 at 10am -Amy teaching Beaded Bracelets!Leather and chain Bracelets! Almost any kind of Bracelets with Amy!! Come and learn how to make one or several of these fabulous bracelets with Amy! This is a beginning beading class and cost is $25. Class lasts 2.5 hours. Supplies needed include beads, leather and chain.  Link to class here.

June 12th at 1pm-4:30pm Meredith Teaching Beginning Herringbone Stitch Bracelet! Come learn this versatile stitch which you can take off and make lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry with!! You can make a fabulous bracelet and most likely finish it in class. Cost of this class is $25 + supplies. This is a beginning bead class. Supplies needed- Size 6 or 8o seed beads in 2 colors, size 110 see beads in coordinating color, clasp, fireline, needle.  Class lasts 2-2.5 hours and you should complete your project in class.  If not, Meredith will discuss finishing or you can join us on an Open Bead Thursday night to complete your work of art!  Link to class!


June 19th, 2021 at 10am - Engibe Teaching Brick Stitch Oval Earrings!  Learn how to easily decorate framework using embellished brickstitch in colors of your choice.  Supplies needed include oval earring frames, earwires, matching thread, 3mm firepolish and size 11o seed beads.  Cost of this class is $25 +supplies.  Engibe is a great teacher and is an expert in many stitches.  Come and broaden your beading skills.  Class lasts 2-2.5 hours.  You will finish at least one earring in class and you can come anytime on Thursday nights to get help finishing (if you need help) with Open Bead Night.  Link to class!



June 19th at 1pm - Ruthie Teaching Polymer Clay Retro Cane Pendant and Earrings!  Learn how to condition polymer clay and use a clay extruder to make really cool multicolor earrings, pendant and/or whatever else you'd like similar to what's pictured.  Depending on your speed, you may be able to complete a pendant and pair of earrings during class.  If you don't finish, arrangements will be made for you to complete your set or Ruthie may be able to finish your set for you (if possible). Cost of this class is $35 which includes enough polymer clay for the class.  Link to this class!  Peace, Man!!



June 26th, 2021 - Susan Teaching her Moroccan Splendor Bracelet!  Come and make the bracelet that Susan is famous for.  This pattern was published in Beadwork magazine (they called it "Indian summer"), Favorite Bead Stitches 2015 and "50 Beaded Bracelets" published in 2019.  Everybody loves it and it looks different in any color you chose.  This is a beginning beading class.  It might be a little challenging for somebody with no experience, but not too bad otherwise.  Cost is $25. Link to this class!   We can make it in Patriotic colors for July 4th!!


June 26th, 2021 Meredith Teaching Beginning Even Count Peyote Bracelet!Come learn this versatile stitch with Meredith and make an eye-catching bracelet for yourself or a good friend. This is a beginning bead class and cost is $25.  Supplies needed include size 8o seed beads, needle and fireline.  Class lasts about 2.5 hours and you should be able to finish your piece in class.  If not Meredith will discuss finishing or you can join us for Thursday night Bead night and we'll help you finish.  Link to this class!



July 3rd, 2021 – Open Bead Day!!  Come and enjoy a full day of Beading at the Big table in our shop!  Work on your own project or we can help you find something to work on!!!  Matching colors?  We can do it!  Have that outfit with the colors you can’t seem to match with anything that you’ve found in stores?  We have the largest selection of seed beads within probably 400-500 mile radius (prove me wrong!!) and we can help!!  Have some beads that you have no idea what to make with?  We can help!!   Open bead day is FREE!!!  No need for a link, just come on in.


Coming in July!!  More of Elizabeth Edwards and Right Angle Weave classes!  Now that you are an expert!! Spread your wings!!  Experience more!!

Annette Holbert and Beginning Wire Wrap Cabochon!  

Kassie Shaw and Peyote Cube Keychain! 

Nancy Deem and her Easy Stacker Bracelets!

July Class Calendar Link!



OK- More about the Celebration!!  You know that Bead-Therapy has been open since 2015, so this is the 6th year Anniversary Celebration total and the 1st year Celebration for being in my own fabulous shop Building!!  (Well, the Bank’s and my own…..).  And did I tell you about the Retreat center that I want to build next door?  You know that empty building in front of mine…..  Myabe I need to start a blog about it…. Hmmmm…


And I’m not getting any YOUNGER!!  And as all good beaders should do- we need to keep teaching people younger than us to carry on all the old ways for beading.  Wait, that doesn’t sound good…..  We need to show the younger generations the joy of making/creating their own fabulous designs and creations so they don’t have to look like Wal-Mart Cookie Cutter Jewelry people!!  (oh, that was ugly.  I am so sorry for my impertinence!!!).  Anyway!  Let’s Celebrate!  (and you can buy lots during the sale so that I’m that much closer to building out the retreat center!!!  Bead Retreats!  Quilt Retreats!  Lampwork Beading retreats!  All sorts of retreats (but BEAD RETREATS are the most important, right?)


Dates:  June 8-12, 2021  BEAD-THERAPY 6th Anniversary Celebration!!

Raffles:  Several!  You get 5 tickets for coming in the door (only one set of 5 per person, you can’t walk in and out and in and out.  Sorry!) and 1 more for every $5 you spend on merchandise.  You then can put your tickets into whichever raffle prize bucket that you want the most……. You do have to put your name and phone number on each ticket, but maybe I can give you a # and keep a list to make it easier…..That way you only need to write (legibly) your number on the back..  Keep YOUR portion of the raffle tickets (they have 2 parts).

Raffle Prizes:  (pictures of raffle prizes will be on-line (facebook- or my website-

  1.     Voyager Portable Bead Workstation valued at $42
  2.     30mm Turquoise cab. Valued at $25
  3.     Graduated strand of 5 handmade dichroic lampwork beads Valued at $34
  4.     Pendant and 4 lentil bead ceramic matching set from Golem beads!  Valued at $46
  5.     Purple Mohave turquoise, pink opal and bronze Composite Cabochon of  from Annoyed Artist Rock Rescue (Judy Burmeister) Valued at $90.
  6.     Full strand of Spiny Oyster graduated discs.  I LOVE these!!!  Valued at $100.
  7.     Insulated Bead-therapy Mug! (the BEST prize!!) Valued at $30!
  8.     Grand Prize- our new KIT BAG design that holds 4 clear 4x6” kit boxes with all sorts of fabulous things in the boxes-  list is not complete yet, but so far:
    1.     Box one- one round nose pliers, one chain nose pliers, one wire cutter, one tape measure, 1 set of springs and TWO bead triangles.
    2.     Box two- had a very nice full strand of 10mm white freshwater pearls ($45), a short strand of top drilled corn flake freshwater pearls, about 10gm of gold and silver 3cut perm finish beads and a short strand of 4mm faceted corundum mix beads (ruby, emerald and sapphire in blue AND yellow.
    3.      Box three and four are yet to be determined so stay tuned.  Probably a mix of strands of some sort +/- seed beads.

GRAND PRIZE is valued at over $200 right now.


And Sales?  Sure, we have them!!  All this week- EVERTHING (with a few exclusions) is for sale at 15% off and if you spend over $150- this increases to 20% AND if you spend over $300 (which, just how hard is that- after all we ARE talking about a GREAT selection of seed beads, natural stones, pearls, lampwork, crystals, chain, etc) discount goes up to 25% off.

And I know a lot of you are out of town, but I have no way to set the pricing schedule up to increase your discount over a certain amount.  So on-line sales will be set at 15% off.  Please understand that we still have a ton of pictures missing (I can't afford to hire a professional photographer to help and my volunteers are just now starting to come back to the shop after getting their COVID vaccines) and understand that inventory is still significantly wrong on many items due to the switch over from one point of sale system to another, so we'll give refunds on items that we cannot find (and if it doesn't have a picture- we probably can't find it).  You won't be able to participate in the raffle, since with the sale going on, we wont have time to try and pull tickets for you, put your name and number on all the tickets and put them in the correct raffle bucket.  Sorry.  Please visit the shop or have a local friend come in for you!!  For large orders - please call us and discuss discount.  Please understand that if your CC shipping address and zip code for the card don't match, it will be suspect and won't go through- so mail it to mom if mom is paying or have her get a gift certificate for you to order with.  Sorry!!


And we’ll have the spin the wheel at check out again so that you have a chance of 25% off without spending the $300, a grab bag or other prizes.  I love spin the wheel!!

I'm going to try and have some "Make and Takes" (pay a relatively small fee and take a quick and easy class) during the week too.  More to be posted about this on the website.
Examples of Make and takes-


*Exclusions are Tommy Jones, Engibe Walker, Ashley Norris Jewelry, Dale Armstrong tools, the Glass by Glass Pumpkins and Swarovski Crystals. No discount on classes (since I pay the teachers directly the same amount that you pay, so I don’t want to hurt their financial pocket….) Class day discount cannot be added to sale discount, but class fee does count towards your total purchase.  You cannot combine discounts together.  Sorry.  Only one raffle prize per person.  If your name is drawn twice, we will call and offer you your pick within 24 hours (so if we call, call us back pretty quick) and otherwise you will get the first raffle prize that your name was drawn for.


Raffle Items:
and a few more that I was too lazy to try and get a picture of.....