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July Bead-Therapy Newsletter and Class Schedule! Come see us!!

July Newsletter

Sure, I know it's after July 1st, but I've been busy!  OK, we are still getting closer to having a LOT of our items on line, but we still have a ways to go!  I'm furiously taking pictures and getting them on the web, but it takes time to get over 20,000 items photographed and uploaded. Not everything is going to be sold on line, but call me if you know I have something that you want, but it's not on line. is the address. Visit us!! (and buy lots!!)

Thanks to everybody who visited us during the big 6th annual anniversary sale.  If I called and let you know you won a raffle prize and haven't picked it up yet, please do so.  If we don't hear from you.... we might just have to draw again.  That would be so SAD.....for YOU!!

And you may notice that the font size changes, bold, not bold, the justification if off.  No matter what I do to these newsletters, something just doesn't work.  I've tried copy and pasting for a word document and that doesn't work either.  So I am very sorry that the newsletters always are looking a bit funny, and I've complained to my POS company (that's Point of Sale, not Piece of know) and they tell me that they are trying to make it more user friendly, but then- here we are again.....  sorry.  Read on and try to forgive me.  I just can't fix it.

We now have beautiful tool kits that you can borrow while in the shop to use during classes or if you want to come in and work on your own project and can't find your tools.  I sell the same kits in the shop if you like them, just in more fun colors.  You can check out the kits with any of the employees and we ask you to leave your driver's license with us while you use the kit and we'll give it back when you check the kit back in.  We will make sure all the pieces are still there.  We check them when anybody checks them back in.  Not just you.  Several of our shop tools have gone missing, and I know it's from people just absent mindedly picking them up with their tools, but they never seem to come back and then we have no tools for other students to learn with.  So new policy!  Check out tool kits!!  Yay!!

Ooooh!  This month with have a class during the middle of the week!!  Shocking, I know, but I thought we'd try something new and since everybody with vaccines are starting to get out a bit more......WEDNESDAY!!  Yay!!  And I'm going to start having some classes "on demand" during the week.  I have several teachers that are available during the week and we have several classes that they can come in and teach whenever you want (be reasonable- not 2am) with a day or three notice.  We'd prefer that the classes would be for 2 or more people, but you can always ask, and if the teacher lives nearby- they might agree to do the class for one person.  Or if you give us a future date, we can list it on the monthly calendar and maybe get some other students.  There might be an extra charge for just one student ($5 or $10 depending on the teacher/class).  I'll get the list of classes on demand going and put them on my website- 

Upcoming Classes!

July 10th at 10AM- Elizabeth teaching Relentless Rebel Right Angle Weave Bracelet!
Wickedly fun bracelet that has a hint of sparkle that can be worn every day or and out on the town. Definitely not your grandmother’s cuff bracelet. Nationally known Elizabeth Edwards returns to us (as requested) for a more advanced Right Angle Weave class.  This is an intermediate class (prior knowledge of Right Angle Weave is required).  Cost of this class is $55 (which includes a kit) and lasts 2.5-3 hours.  This bracelet incorporates RAW with a pondo twist.  You may combine both of Elizabeth's classes on July 10th for the discounted rate of $85.   Class size limited to 8, so reserve/pay for your spot today! Link to this CLASS!!

July 10th at 2PM-  
Elizabeth Edwards teaching Saricoff
Geometric designs inspired by the Zari (Jari) metal threads found in traditional Saris of India.  Elizabeth returns to us with another more advanced Right Angle Weave Bracelet (as requested!).  Come learn this beautiful bracelet with Elizabeth!   This is an intermediate class (prior knowledge of Right Angle Weave required). Cost of this class is $55 and lasts 2.5-3 hours (which includes a kit).  You may combine both of Elizabeth's classes on July 10th for the discounted rate of $85. Class size limited to 8, so reserve/pay for your spot today!  Link to the CLASS!!

Want to take BOTH of Elizabeth's classes on July 10th for the fabulous discounted price of $85-   Click HERE

WEDNESDAY, July 14th at 1PM-
 Amy teaching Kaleidoscope Earrings!
Come make these beautiful Earrings with Amy!  This is a beginner class and you should complete your pair of earrings in class!  Supplies needed include needle and thread, 4mm crystal bacons, 3mm druks, 8o and 11o seed beads (and earring findings). Cost of this class is $25.  Class size limited to 8.  You know Amy!  Easy going, patient.  come on, you've been wanting to take a class!  Link to this CLASS

July 17th at 10AM- Annette teaching Beginning Wire Wrap Pendant!  Learn how to wrap your own cabochons like a pro! Create beautiful pendants or earrings with Annette. Cost of this class is $35 and includes the wire and stone. Supplies needed: round nose, flat nose and chain nose pliers (if you have them). Bead mats and lights are provided. Class size limited to 8.  This is a beginning bead class.  Class lasts 2-2.5 hours.  You will complete one pendant in class.  Link to this CLASS

July 17th at 1PM- 
Kassie Shaw teaching Peyote Cube Keychain!!
Learn how to make this stylish peyote cube keychain in any multitude of colorways you'd like.  Some experience with peyote is required. Geometric shapes are the lastest rage and this will be a great start for you!  Keychain finding and cube provided with class fee.  Supplies needed include a thread guardian, 24 fire polish 2mm (true two), Delicas 11o in 2, 4 or 7 colors, Fireline 8lb thread and needle of choice.  Cost of this class is $25. You can bring your own supplies or we have lots of great options in the shop available for purchase. Class size limited to 8.  Link to this CLASS!!

July 24th at 10AM- 
Amy teaching Loopy Links Bracelet!!

Come widen your wire skills with Amy and make this fun bracelet!!   This is a beginning beading/wire class.  You will most likely finish the project in class, but if you don't, Amy will discuss finishing or you can come on a Thursday night for Open Bead Night and we'll help show you how to finish.  Cost of this class is $25 and class size limited to 8.  Bring your wire tools if you have them (and if not, we have some to borrow).  Link to this CLASS

July 24th at 1PM- Nancy Teaching her Quick and Easy Stacker Bracelets!

Come and learn these how to make these cute bracelets to wear or give to friends!  Make one or two or three bracelets!  This is a beginner class and does use right angle weave, but it's easy now that you've taken boot camp and if not, Nancy is a great teacher and can show you everything you need! Cost of this class is $25 and class size is limited to 8.  Link to this CLASS

July 31st at 10AM- Melody teaching Beaded Hoops and Bangles!  Learn to make fashionable beaded bangles that you can mix, match, and stack in multiples. Then transfer your new skills to making the mini-version—beaded hoop earrings!  This is a beginning Wire class and will further your confidence and skills with wire!  Melody is a great teacher that visits only once or twice a year, so take advantage of this opportunity! Supplies needed include: 20 and 24 gauge round dead soft wire, size 11o seed beads. Cost of this class is $25.  Class size limited to 8.  Link to this CLASS

July 31st at 1PM- 
Melody teaching Bali-Style Silver Bracelet!

This bracelet was inspired by the beautiful silver jewelry made by the people of Bali. An interpretation in wire, it requires no soldering or special tools---just two gauges of wire and a few seed beads!  Come learn this technique with Melody!  This class can be done by an adventurous beginner. Bring tools if you have them:  round nose/chain nose pliers, flush cutter, awl (recommended, but optional), 3mm dowel (only if making jump rings in class).  Other supplies needed include: 20 and 28gauge round dead soft wire (Parawire works well), size 11o  seed beads and 40-50 3mm jump rings (or you can make your own in class). Cost of this class is $35.  Link to this CLASS

August 7th at 10AM- Melody teaches Curl-Over Bezel!

This bezel was designed to accommodate rough stones and other odd-shaped objects such as baroque pearls and shells. It involves a flexible, free-form technique that makes the project easier than it looks!  This project can be done by an adventurous beginner!  Come learn this technique with Melody!  Tools needed include: Round nose pliers, Chain nose pliers, Flush cutter,Awl (optional, but highly recommended).  We have tools for your use if you have none.  Supplies needed include: size 20 and 28 gauge dead soft wire (Parawire works well), rough stone/pearl/shell (no larger than 30mm please), mix of size 11 and 15o seed beads or 2mm crystals in colors that compliment you object being bezeled.  Cost of this class is $35.  Class limited to 8.  Link to this CLASS

August 7th at 2PM- Melody Teaching Rectangular Gemstone (or Crystal) Earrings!!

Sleek and sophisticated, these earrings are appropriate for every-day wear or a night-on-the-town. The row of gemstones can be all one color or a number of colors that fade into each other (such as a variegated strand of tourmaline). Adventurous beginner. Cost of this class is $35. Supplies needed: 18g, 24g, 28g dead soft wire. 50 3mm gemstones or crystals, size 11o seed beads.  Round nose, chain nose, roller tool.  Don't worry!  We have tools for you to use.  Class size limited to 8.  Link to this CLASS

Since Melody is teaching in both July AND August- I felt the need to post all of her classes here!  I'm not sure if she'll be bringing her trunk show with her or not.  We've not talked about that, but she might have her trunk show here the whole week in-between classes.  That takes a lot of energy and work on her part, so I'm not promising.  I'm sure that she'd be happy to bring in anything you are interested in.  You can see some of the beautiful things that she offers for sale and read up on Soul of Somanya and how she is trying to help the residents to support themselves, go to school and earn a livable wage.  Soul of Somanya!

I have more classes scheduled in August already!  (I know you are shocked, but it's true!).   August Calendar of Classes!

Come see us!!  We are getting new things in the shop weekly!  Going on a trip?  We have LOTs of kits that you can grab and go so that you won't have to worry about being bored during rainy days (or any days....)!!

Susan (or as some people know me- Carol!!)