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August Bead-Therapy Events and Soul of Somanya Trunk Show!

August Newsletter

OK, I know the Delta variant is scary in general, but the shop is still open!!  Masks are appreciated, but not required.  I am getting more and more things on line for your shopping pleasure if you need anything and don't want to come in.  We still offer curbside pick up for those who want beads, but prefer not to come inside as well.  We will refund shipping if you call us and tell us when you are coming by to pick up.  IF you send somebody else to pick up, please let us know.  We don't really want to send YOUR beads home with somebody else!!  Here's the website- Let me know if you have any suggestions,  it is still a big work in progress!!!    And if you want a class that we aren't offering, please let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen.  And please - if you are not vaccinated against COVID, please seriously getting vaccinated.  Talk to your doctor, talk to somebody you trust.  We need to get this pandemic under control.  Like Polio, Like Small pox.  It's killing people.  Don't let it kill you or your loved ones.

Soul of Somanya TRUNK SHOW!!!  Come and see all the wonderful things from Somanya!  Melody is back with her wares and another weekend of classes!!  This great charity can still use our support.  They survived the pandemic, but their needs are as great as ever!  Melody had to stop her cross country travels during the pandemic and lost quite a bit of money that could have been sent over for very needed supplies.  They are still doing ok, and still making beautiful things, but need our support!!  Melody is back for a Trunk show this week through Saturday. If you can't come, but still want to support such a good cause- here is the website- 

Upcoming Classes!

One thing that I am going to start are "Classes on Demand" and I'll post these on the website (somehow- haven't figured that out just yet) and will send these out in a separate newsletter probably cleverly named something like "Bead-Therapy- Classes on Demand."  Clever, I know......    These will be classes offered by local teachers that can be arranged at times arranged between you and the teachers (through the shop- I don't expect you all to call, etc).  Cost will still be $25 per student unless pre-arranged for a different price such as group classes, Sunday School group get together or similar.  Some teachers that are relatively nearby, but still willing to make the drive may require at least 2 students for class.  All classes will need to be paid for in advance when arranged at a time suitable for both.  Most of the time, this will mean during the work week- Tuesday thru Friday.  We might consider Saturdays occasionally, but that's usually class day anyway and I don't want too much confusion then.  More on these later, I promise.

Saturday August 7th at 10AM- 1PM Melody teaching Curl over Bezel!!  This bezel was designed to accommodate rough stones and other odd-shaped objects such as baroque pearls and shells. It involves a flexible, free-form technique that makes the project easier than it looks!  This project can be done by an adventurous beginner!  Come learn this technique with Melody!  Tools needed include: Round nose pliers, Chain nose pliers, Flush cutter,Awl (optional, but highly recommended).  We have tools for your use if you have none.  Supplies needed include: size 20 and 28 gauge dead soft wire (Parawire works well), rough stone/pearl/shell (no larger than 30mm please), mix of size 11 and 15o seed beads or 2mm crystals in colors that compliment you object being bezeled. Cost of this class is $35.  Sign up/pay HERE

August 7th at 2Pm - 5Pm Melody Teaching Rectangular Gemstone (or Crystal) Earrings! 
Sleek and sophisticated, these earrings are appropriate for every-day wear or a night-on-the-town. The row of gemstones can be all one color or a number of colors that fade into each other (such as a variegated strand of tourmaline). Adventurous beginner. Cost of this class is $35. Supplies needed: 18g, 24g, 28g dead soft wire. 50 3mm gemstones or crystals, size 11o seed beads.  Round nose, chain nose, roller tool.  Link to sign up/Pay HERE

August 14th at 10Am - Susan Teaching her Wavy American Flag Peyote Bracelet!
Show your spirit anytime during the year by making this Patriotic Wavy America Flag Bracelet!  I'll help you get started and complete your project in class (or later on open bead night if you take a bit longer.  I get compliments whenever I wear mine out in public!  This is a beginning bead class.  Cost is $25 and class lasts 2.5 hours. Supplies needed include size 8o seed beads in Red, White, Blue and Gold, clasp of choice and 10lb Fireline.  You need the heavier Fireline for the Wave.....  Link to sign up/Pay- HERE

August 14th at 1PM- Nancy Teaches her X's and O's Bracelet!  
This bracelet can be FANCY with a lot of BLING!  Or it can be made with calmer beads and worn w Blue Jeans.  This uses Right Angle Weave with Embellishment, but is still a beginner class.  Hone your Right Angle Weave skills or learn new skills with Nancy and take home a lovely bracelet!  Cost of this class is $25.  Supplies needed include 2 types of 6mm bead (Glass Pearls and Crystal Bicones pictured), 4mm bead (crystals pictured) and size 11 seed beads/clasp of choice.  Needle and thread of course.  Link to sign up/pay HERE

August 21st at 10AM - Amy teaches the Spiral Bracelet!!  
Come and learn this easy technique and make a beautiful bracelet to match your favorite outfit!  This bracelet can be subtle or knock your eyes out depending on what beads you use!  You should finish this bracelet in class and if not, Amy will discuss finishing or you can come to Open Bead night and we'll help!  Supplies needed include 8o beads, size 11o beads and either 3-4mm firepolish or some type of contrasting embellishment bead.  (Needle and thread too).  We have bead mats and lights! We can help you pick your beads, but please come a little early to select your colors. Cost of this class is $25.  Link the sign up/Pay HERE

August 21st at 1PM - Pam Teaching Beginning Beading!
Want to design your own jewelry? Restring or learn how to fix something that's broken? Make a bracelet that is small/large enough to FIT you? Come take this class and free your imagination for designing original pieces of jewelry. Supplies needed (if you have them) include a chain-nose pliers, beading wire, beads and clasp. All supplies are for sale at bead therapy. Cost of this class is $25 (+ supplies) and is a beginning beading class. Pam is great with jewelry design and color selection!  Sign up/Pay for this class HERE

August 28th at 10AM - Vicki Teaching the Loom Bracelet using the Rick's Loom!
Learn how to make loomed bracelets on the Rick’s Loom.  Make a similar bracelet to the lovely pieces shown with ease and learn how easily you can finish a piece with the Rick’s Loom where you only have 4 threads to weave in (as opposed to 14 or more on a regular loom!  This is a beginning bead class and it costs $25.  Bring your own Rick’s Loom or purchase one at the shop.  You get 10% off your purchased products on class day.  This class is taught only on the Rick’s loom.  Supplies needed (besides the Rick’s Loom) are 3 colors of size 8o seed beads, thread, clasp and looming needles.  Class size limited to 8 people. I will have the Rick's Loom on sale for $40 (no further discount) on this day- Preference given to students on class day.  To sign up/Pay HERE.  To pay for your class AND RESERVE a RICK's LOOM- click HERE

August 28th at 1PM - Amy Teaches Chain and Beads or Leather and Beads and Chain Bracelets!
Come and learn how to make one or several of these fabulous bracelets with Amy! This is a beginning beading class and cost is $25. Class lasts 2.5 hours. Supplies needed include beads, leather and chain.  Make one, make several!!  FORCE Amy to teach you everything she knows!!!  (OK, this may take several sessions, but she would!  She's just that nice and just that good of a teacher!) Sign up/Pay for this class HERE

What's coming up in September?  Open bead day at the big table Labor day weekend!!  Have no plans?  Come and bead with us!!

Engibe is back in September teaching bead embroidery again!  This time in EARRINGS!!  It should be a lot of fun, so don't miss it!!

You know I try to keep classes up to date on Facebook, but with my lack of understanding of how facebook works and never being able to find anything on facebook, watch my website for any changes in classes or new classes.

Want to suggest a class or have any comments about the shop?  Let me know!  I would like feedback on how we are doing.  Complaints?  Let me know that as well!  I know that you might be able to find beads for cheaper on line, but they don't have a mortgage to pay and employees to feed!  We offer personalized service, help with bead/color selection and have lots of great kits (I'm working on more kits as I type!!- ok, not really. I can't type and put together kits.....  Be realistic.  I'm NOT that good).
Drop me a line at   I do actually check my email now and then when I get a chance.  If you need me in a pinch- call the shop (423-509-1907) and ask for me.  I am still working my prior day job some just to help pay the bills, so if I'm not there- all my staff are paid professional beaders!!!  Really!  I do pay them, and they are SO MUCH better than anybody you'd find at the big boxes!  Please help us keep going as your local bead shop!  I would so LOVE to quit my old intermitant day job!!

And if you've read this far, either you are really bored or this newsletter is more entertaining than I thought!!!  OK, you are really bored..... I'm going to go and eat worms.....