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2021-09-02 Bead-Therapy is the place you want to go to - Newsletter!


September Newsletter

Well, I'm happy to say that business has been picking up over the past month!  Please be careful with the Delta variant going around.  Mask up when you need to for your own protection.  consider getting the vaccination if you haven't already gotten it.  It is FDA approved now, so you can't say that it needs more research.....  Anyway.  Stay safe!   

And, by the way......   Facebook hates me.  I'm convinced of that.  I can't figure out how post things (like classes and events anymore (that's why you see some classes now and then posted).  So please always go to my website -  and look at CLASSES  posted there!!  And the other really frustrating thing about facebook is that I see things like "most pertinent posts shown" and who is Facebook to tell me that not all of my customers are pertinent?  Like Oh, she'll WANT to read a post from Bobbie Sue but not from Mary Lynn because of who knows why??!?  Anyway.  Facebook hates me.  So, I'm not really a slacker....  I just am not facebook savvy.  OK, I'm not really computer savvy either really, but at least I try!!

And did I mention that Bead-Therapy is going to start having classes on demand and I'll send out an email (eventually) with what classes are offered and I'll put them on the website (not facebook, but mine- to see what's going on.  And if you have any suggestions or want a certain class offered, I'll try to make if happen if I can.  No promises, but I'll try.

I mostly have classes planned out for September AND October and instead of leaving you waiting to see what is planned next month, I just put everything in.  Why wait!!!

Upcoming Classes!

Sept 4th, 2021- Open Bead Day at the big table!!
I'm not planning classes this day since it's a holiday weekend, but anybody who is around and doesn't have plans is welcome to come and work on any project they want.  And if you don't have a project in mind, come on in and we'll find one that suites you!!  Of if you want to come in and talk, listen to us while we work, bead or whatever- come on!!  

Sept. 10th at 5:30pm- 7:30pm - Mandie teaching a half Mala Workshop!
Japa is the 3000 year old tradition of meditating with prayer beads. Many faith traditions use this ancient sagastic practice. Learn to make a half Mala and some meditation techniques with Mandie!  Pictured is a full Mala, but you will be making a half Mala.  Mandie will discuss meditation techniques and discuss some history surrounding the Mala beads/meditation.  Come and have a great evening and go home relaxed, renewed and in great spirits!  Beads are included with the price of the class (wood and some stone or glass).  We will serve tea and chips/dip.  Tassel, other embellishments can be purchased and added as needed.  Cost of this class is $25.  Link to this class - HERE


Sept 10th, 2021 at 10am - Lori Teaching her Beautiful Coin Pearl and Chain Necklace!
Come and learn how to make this beautiful necklace complete with earrings if you want!  This is a beginning beading class and you will learn how to make basic wire wraps to produce the pearl components and earrings.  You can use other beads instead of pearls if you wish.  Supplies needed include chain, coin pearls (or other beads), spacer beads and a clasp of choice/earwires.  Bring your own jewelry tools (round nose and chain nose pliers) if you have them. Otherwise we have tools for loan. Cost of this class $25.  Link to this class - HERE


Sept 11th, 2021 at 1pm - Engibe teaching Embroidery Earrings!!
Learn bead Embroidery from the best!!  You will most likely finish one earring in class and be able to work at home to do the 2nd!  And if you have trouble Engibe can come meet you in the shop to help or on a Thursday night Open Bead night.  Cost of this class is $25 and is a beginning bead class.  Supplies needed are a matched set of small oval cabs, size 15o seed beads (can use 11o if you insist), lacy stiff stuff, ultra suede to match and needle/thread.  Link to this class- HERE

Sept 18th, 2021 starting at 10am - Tommy Jones demonstrating Silversmithing! You've seen Tommy's fabulous jewelry in the shop.  Some of you may have seen the fabulous opals that Tommy set for Pam and for me while you were in the shop.  He will be demonstrating his craft and will be available for discussion on how he plans/makes his jewelry.  We have several nice stones (including opals and moonstones) that you can talk to Tommy about setting!!  This is a DEMONSTRATION.  Not a class.  It is a free demonstration. 


Sept. 25th, 2021 at 10am - Ashley teaching Make your own Chains and Findings!
Come and learn from our resident wire expert how to make these Unique earwires/headpins and cool chains that are as individual as you are!  Making your own findings enhance your jewelry and make your work unique.  Cost of this class is $25 and is a beginning bead class that lasts for 2.5 hours.  Supplies needed- Round nose and chain nose pliers, gemstones or pearls, wire (20 or 22 gauge). We have wire tools that you can use if you don't have any.  Link to this class - HERE.


Sept. 25th, 2021 at 1PM - Karen Teaching Twisted Tubular Herringbone with Bugle Embellishment! 
Learn how to make this beautiful necklace with bugles and size 8o seed beads (in 3 colors) with Karen.  This is a twisted tubular Herringbone. You will need to know how to do Herringbone. Cost of this class is $25 and is an intermediate class. Supplies needed are size 8 seed beads in three complimentary colors and a twisted bugle. You probably won’t finish a necklace in class, but a bracelet possibly.  Karen will discuss finishing or you can return on a Thursday bead night and we’ll help.   Link to this class - HERE.


Friday, Oct. 1st, 2021 - Mandie Teaching Orange Healing and Chakra Workshop! Participants will learn about chakras and make connections with how it relates to healing.  Lots of information will be provided. Bring a notebook! There will be a Charka awakening meditation, including chanting.   Participants will create bracelets or any jewelry piece of their liking using gentle orange colored stone and wood.  Snacks will be provided.  Namaste.  Cost of this class includes the beads.  We have many beads to choose from if you want to purchase more personal choices.  This is a Beginning Beading class.  Cost of this class is $25. Link is HERE.


October 2nd, 2021, 1PM - Susan P. teaching Wire Wrap Rings (Adjustable and regular)!Make these Fashionable rings to wear or to give away as gifts!  Learn basic wire skills and tool use while creating something beautiful!  This is a beginner beading/wire class. Wire and and a selection of beads to choose from will be provided in class.  You will complete at least one ring in class (several completed 2-3 rings in the last class).  Bring your own jewelry tools (round nose and chain nose pliers) if you have them and if you don't, we have lending tools.  Cost of this class is $30.  Link for this class is HERE.


October 9th, 2021 - 10AM - Pam teaching Beginning Kumihimo!  Learn how to make the traditional 8 stranded round Kumihimo braid on the foam disc with S-lon and size 8o or satin rattail.   Come and learn how quickly this beautiful braid can be made. Cost of the class is $25 and supplies required are round Kumi disc, bobbins and weights. This is a Beginner class. Class size limited to 8!  Link to this class -HERE.


Oct. 9th, 2021  Engibe teaching Netting Shawl Necklace! This class will be completed over 2 sessions and beginners will use larger beads unless they have a good sense of adventure.  Intermediate beaders will use size 11o seed beads.  You will begin the necklace in class and work at home on the bulk of the necklace and return the following Saturday to finish up with the dagger portion of the necklace.  Supplies needed include 8o (beginners) or 11o (intermediate) in two colors, single hole daggers, Fireline or thread of choice, needle and clasp of choice.  Cost of this class is $40.  2nd session will be arranged between you and Engibe.  Pay on line to reserve your spot.  Class size 6 people (please be courteous and wear a mask if you are unvaccinated).  Link to this class - HERE


Oct. 16th, 2021 at 10AM - Nancy teaches her Beautiful Christmas Bracelet (you can do it in other colors if you want)! Come and make this beautiful bracelet in Christmas colors or in whatever colors you want! This is a beginning Beading class!  Supplies needed include 6mm firepolish or round beads (in 2 colors), 11o seed beads, clasp of choice, needle and thread. Nancy is a great teacher! Even though I've had her teach this bracelet before Christmas for the past few years (ok, not last year due to covid), most people choose colors other than red and green! Beats me!!! As always- Holidays are just around the corner and these make great gifts!!  Cost of this class is $25.  Link is HERE.


October 16th, 2021 at 1PM - Cathy Teaching Artisan Silk Crochet Necklace!!  Come and make this fast and easy necklace with Cathy!  No prior knowledge of crochet is needed.  Cost of this class is $25 + supplies.  This is a beginning Beading class.  Supplies needed include size E silk thread, seed beads size 8o in whatever colors you want, size 0 (1.75mm) crochet hook and a clasp.  Link to this class is HERE.


Oct. 23rd, 2021 at 10AM - 
Lori Teaching Christmas Earrings and Angel Tree Ornaments!Make yourself some beautiful Christmas earrings and/or a Lovely Christmas Angel Tree Ornament with Lori!  Lori has been making these Angels for years and the have been very popular!  This is a Beginning Beading Class!  No students younger than 14 please.  Cost of this class is $25.  Link is HERE.


Oct. 23rd, 2021 at 1PM - Susan Parry Teaching her Decorative Holiday Wire Christmas Tree!  Learn how to make a festive happy Christmas tree! Susan has made these trees for years and sold a multitude at InTown Gallery.  Make your own to decorate your house, office, where ever for the holidays!  We will have beads for sale to decorate with, or you can bring your own.  Supplies provided are 24g wire in color of choice, beads!  Class size limited to 8. This is a beginning beading class!  Cost of this class is $35 and includes all supplies.  Link to this class HERE.  Bad picture, sorry!!


November 13th at 10AM - Susan P. Teaching Fused Glass Dichroic Pendant!  Learn about fusing qualities of glass, COE of glass, the nature of Dichroic and art glass and how it's made, and then create your own one of a kind Dichroic pendant (s).  Learn about supplies needed and why you need them.  Pendants will be fused with some observation, but mostly done after class and pendants will be available for pick up the next week.  Cold work and after fusing will be discussed in class, but performed by instructor prior to pick up.  One bail will be provided and instructor will discuss application of bail.  You will make 1 or 2 pendants in class.  Cost of this class is $65.  Link to this class is HERE.  Class size is going to be limited.

We've got a lot of new kits made up.  Several colorways in old kits and more of my bracelet (Moroccan Splendor) kits made up.  I'll work on getting all the pictures on the website.  My usual computer that I keep all the pictures on had a new update which I did (unfortunately) and now my wifi doesn't work on it. I'm working on it, but you know.....when it rains, it pours.  I don't have anything else to do, right?  Come see us!