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Bead-Therapy November Event Newsletter

November Newsletter

I hope you are not/didn't miss the great trunk show at the end of October (October 29/30, 2021).  Classes are a little sparse in November and December due to the Holidays and the mad rush that everybody is in.  Don't forget that we can help you make those wonderful handmade gifts for family and friends, but you are starting to cut it close if you don't get in soon!  We can make your gifts for you if you don't feel confident enough to make them, but that's not quite as special as YOU doing it.  And if you want to make the special ornament covers as gifts, you best get to work since they do take time (like anything wonderful and special!!).  

Bead-Therapy is not going to be open on Black Friday. In years past I haven't been able to compete with all the major sales everywhere else and my staff (and I) want to take advantage of the big sales too.  We will be open on Saturday after Black Friday and the big table will be open for beading, but we won't have any classes planned. if you want to request a class for that day, I'd be happy to plan something with you.  Maybe we should have an ornament extravaganza!   I hope you have a wonderful upcoming holiday season!

Classes on Demand!!  I frequently hear people mentioning wanting to take a class that was just taught a week or two ago because they forgot about the class, didn't read the newsletter in time or was out of town.  We are now offering classes during the week (Tuesday/Wednesday during work hours and a trial at Thursday night classes), but sometimes these get missed too.  SO- I'm starting Classes on Demand where you can browse classes available and coordinate a time that both you and the teacher is available.  We would prefer to have at least 2 students per class, but I know sometimes that isn't possible.  A lot of our teachers are local and are available within a few days, others take more planning or come from a longer distance.  I'll note if there are any restrictions for the teachers such as only available on certain days or require more than 1 or 2 students due to distance that they have to drive. And classes still will generally cost $25 per student.  If you have a larger group, we might be able to work out a discount. 

Upcoming Classes!

November 6th at 10AM Beginning Beading with Susan!Want to design your own jewelry? Restring or learn how to fix something that’s broken? Make a bracelet that is small/large enough to FIT you? Cost of this class is $25 (+ supplies) and is a beginning beading class. Link to purchase tickets for this class is HERE

November 9th (Tuesday), 2021 at 1PM - Susan Parry Teaching her Decorative Holiday Wire Christmas Tree!  Learn how to make a festive happy Christmas tree! Susan has made these trees for years and sold a multitude at InTown Gallery.  Make your own to decorate your house, office, where ever for the holidays!  We will have beads for sale to decorate with, or you can bring your own.  Supplies provided are 24g wire in color of choice, beads!  Class size limited to 8. This is a beginning beading class!  Cost of this class is $35 and includes all supplies.  Link to this class HERE.  

November 10th (Wednesday), 2021 at 1PM Amy Teaching her Baroque Drop Earrings!
 Learn how to make these unique wire and bead earrings with a cute swingy dangle at the bottom! This is a beginning Wire Beading class! Amy is a great teacher and loves to share her designs! Cost of this class is $25 + supplies.  Link for this class is HERE!


November 11th, 2021 (Thursday) at 6PM - Nancy Teaches her Elegant Evening Bracelet! 
This may look complicated and hard to do, but it's NOT!!  Nancy is an expert at beautiful designs!  Come and learn from the best!!  This design can be dressy as shown here or more casual just with a change in type of beads! Cost of this class is $25 + supplies.  Link to this class is HERE

November 12th (Friday), 2021 at 5:30PM - Mandie Teaching a Harvest November Beading Event!  Come and gather with Mandie in Harvest with Root Chakra beads to enjoy fellowship and make a Chakra gemstone bracelet out of deep neutral browns and red colors.  Snacks and Cider will be served/shared!  This class is $25 with beads included for class.  Other beads are available for purchase if you'd like other colors.  Class will be in person or can be done on Zoom for out of town participants (requires advance purchase of class in order to mail the beads to you in time). Link to this class is HERE


November 13th at 10AM - 
Susan P. Teaching Fused Glass Dichroic Pendant!  Learn about fusing qualities of glass, COE of glass, the nature of Dichroic and art glass and how it's made, and then create your own one of a kind Dichroic pendant (s).  Learn about supplies needed and why you need them.  Pendants will be fused with some observation during class, but some will be done after class and pendants will be available for pick up the next week.  Cold work after fusing will be discussed in class and taught (examples of what can happen will be shown).  You will be provided with sandpaper to do your own cold work (smooth rough edges). One bail will be provided and instructor will discuss application of bail.  You will make 1 or 2 pendants in class, but neither will be ready for pick up until the following week.  I can mail your pieces if you live out of town.  Cost of this class is $65.  Link to this class is HERE.  Class size is going to be limited to 8 people.  Samples for a more advanced class will be shown.

November 13th, 2021 at 1PM - Amy teaching her Wire-Wrap Bangle Bracelet!! Amy is back at it again and had made a cute Wire Wrap Bangle bracelet!  Come and learn this cute bracelet!  You don't need any wire skills, it's a beginning beading class.  Bring your wire tools if you have them.  Cost of this class is $25 and lasts about 2.5 hours.  Link to this class HERE

November 16th (Tuesday), 2021 at 1PM - 
Meredith Teaching her Very Own Christmas Ornament Cover!! Come make this beautiful Ornament Cover with Meredith to keep as your own or give to a special person for the holidays!  These are easy to make and make great gifts!  This is a beginning beading class!  Cost of this class is $25 + supplies (There will be a kit provided for $12 cost). Link to this class is HERE

November 20th, 2021 at 10AM - Lori Teaching Christmas Earrings and Angel Tree Ornaments! - Make yourself some beautiful Christmas earrings and/or a Lovely Christmas Angel Tree Ornament with Lori!  Lori has been making these Angels for years and the have been very popular!  This is a Beginning Beading Class!  No students younger than 14 please.  Cost of this class is $25.  Link is HERE

December 3rd, 2021 5:30PM - Mandie Teaching Chakra Beading Yule and Giving Party! 
Come and enjoy the art and gift of making bracelets (Chakra or Malas) for other and each other with the intention of finding a special message and surprise when bracelets are swapped and switched (you can choose to swap or not).  This is a special party, a surprise class for the holiday.  Open to teens and adults. A variety of colors for the heart chakra will be used.  Cost of this class is $25 and includes the beads to make your Chakra Bracelet!  Link to this class is HERE

December 4th at 10AM - Beginning Beading with SusanWant to design your own jewelry? Restring or learn how to fix something that’s broken? Make a bracelet that is small/large enough to FIT you? Cost of this class is $25 (+ supplies) and is a beginning beading class. Link to purchase tickets for this class is HERE

December 11th, 2021 at 1PM - Nancy Teaches her Quick and Easy Bramble Bracelet!!
Come and learn these how to make these cute bracelets to wear or give to friends!  Make one or two or three bracelets!  This is a beginner class and it's easy! Nancy is a great teacher and can show you everything you need! Cost of this class is $25 + supplies.  Link to this class is HERE 

December 14th (Tuesday) at 1PM - Nancy Teaching her Fabulous Dancing Gem Necklace Set (Intermediate level)   
Engibe saw Nancy wearing this lovely piece and demanded her to teach a class.  I'm all for that since I love it too!!  So, if you want to make a fabulous piece for yourself (ok, maybe YOU would make it for a gift, but NOT me) before the holidays, sign up and come on in!!  This is an intermediate class, so you must be comfortable with bead weaving.  This class lasts 2.5 hours (we might force Nancy to stay longer and keep an eye on us....) and cost is $25 + supplies (8mm round, gem duos, 4mm bicones (or pearls), 11o and 15o seed beads). Link to this class HERE

I'm going to try and keep ahead on classes by at least 2 months as much as possible.  I am continuously working on getting all the Classes on Demand that are available posted (had to figure out how to list them with enough information, etc).  You can find them HERE (ok, give me a couple of weeks to get it going....).