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Come and get your BEAD-THERAPY in Chattanooga! Classes and more fun things (including a trunk show!).

April 2022 Newsletter!!!

     We have even more great classed coming up that I hope are of interest and you can attend!!  Dale Cougar Armstrong comes for another class with us and continues with more great wire classes!   Pat and Dina continue with their Polymer Clay and Chainmaille series of classes!  And don't forget Marjorie and beginning Lampwork beading!!  That is loads of fun too!!  And Phillip Stansell returns with his special wire weaving classes!  And even a PRECIOUS METAL CLAY CLASS!!  Can you resist?!  I hope not!

And I've had several people ask about doing a "Pop Up" show where customers can rent a booth at the shop (building next door or parking lot, I'm not sure of date or cost (or even how to do it, since I've never done one).  Anyway, if you'd be interested in participating, please let us know when you are in the shop next.  No obligation to express interest....


April 2nd, 2022 at 10AM Dina teaching the Flat Box Chainmaille Bracelet class.
  This weave is closely related to Byzantine and looks great as a bracelet or necklace!  We will be making a bracelet in bright aluminum rings.  Come and learn this new and easy Chainmaille technique!!  Cost of this class is $45 and lasts 2.5 hours.  You should be able to complete your bracelet during this class or can return for help on Thursday Open Bead Night or a time arranged with Dina on Fridays! Link to purchase your seat HERE!

April 2nd, 2022 at 1PM. Pat teaching Polymer clay Art Frame pendant!  In this class, you will learn how to make and embellish an art frame covering for a cabochon or natural stone slab. This is an intermediate class so you will be expected to know how to condition clay and basic clay tool skills.  Bring your clay tools and pasta machine if you have them.  We will have tools to use in class if you don't have any.  Class fee includes clay, cab and embellishment materials to make a pendant.  You should be able to finish your work of art in class.  This is a 4 hour class.  Cost of this class is $60 and includes a stone and all clay supplies to make your pendant. Picture shown is a difficult piece, but I had to show it.  You might want to make something a bit less challenging.  Purchase your tickets for this class HERE!

April 2nd, 2022 at 10AM Marjorie teaching Beginning Lampwork Beadmaking!!  -   Marjorie returns to us to teach a beginning Lampwork beading.  In this 6 hour class, you'll learn the safe use of tools and equipment needed for lampworking as well as how to create well-shaped basic beads and a variety of surface decorating techniques.  Plan to spend the day making a handful of treasures!  Marjorie teaches at John C. Campbell Folk School and the Appalachian Art center.  She is offering this class locally for our bead enthusiasts!!  Cost of this class is $125 and includes instructions, glass and use of tools/torch. Minimum of 2 students required for this class to happen with maximum of 8.  Purchase your tickets HERE!!

April 8th and 9th- 10A-5:30P -  Oriental Crest Trunk Show!!  You really enjoyed seeing Wilson and all his wonderful stones last time and here he comes again!!  Come purchase like I do!  Lots of choices!!  Piles and Piles of fabulous natural stone beads and pearls!  Don't miss this big display of stones for great prices!!!  There is no cost to come and look!

April 12th at 1PM. Senior Tuesdays with Lori! - Come and learn basic jewelry techniques as well as designing and creating your own individual jewelry!  Why pay for something at the local stores that cost too much, are poor quality and aren't exactly what you wanted anyway?!  Want to match a certain piece of clothing in color or create something stunning to set off your outfit?  Lori can help!!  There is no charge for this class.  Kits will be offered for $10 for whichever project is chosen. On this date we are going to make Teardrop hoop seed bead earrings as make a necklace similar to shown.  Projects will change from class to class and will be based on requested skills by attendees.  Pictures will be posted prior to class.  Lori will stick to the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month except when she's on vacation. Link to this class is HERE!

April 16th- Easter weekend - Open bead day!! Come and finish projects if you don't have family in to visit!  No classes scheduled this weekend.

April 23rd at 10AM - Pam teaching her Snowflake Ornament Cover- Come and make this beautiful Snowflake Ornament just in time for Christmas (ok, it's a bit early, but you are going to want to make several for friends and family!)!  This is a beginner project and might be finished in class if you have some experience with beading.  Cost is $45 and includes an ornament (glass) and all the needed beads to complete your project.  Link for this class is HERE!

April 23rd at 1PM - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Cage It!"   Do you have a tiny, interesting keepsake that you’d like to turn into a necklace or choker pendant but it’s a strange 3-dimensional shape and it doesn’t have a hole? The simple answer is: “Cage It!”  Each student will choose an item from those provided with the class kit, and discover how much fun it is to use Traditional Wire Wrapping techniques to create a decorative cage that can then be used as jewelry. Samples of different styles will be on display; techniques taught can be used in many future wire jewelry projects. Cost is $65 (includes kit). Link to purchase tickets to this class is HERE!!

April 26th at 1PM. Senior Tuesdays with Lori! - Come and learn basic jewelry techniques as well as designing and creating your own individual jewelry!  Project to be determined at April 12th class.

April 30th at 10AM - Elizabeth Edwards teaching Compass Rose Earrings!!  Elizabeth returns with another beautiful project for everybody!  These earrings can be done by slightly more experienced beader.  It's almost a beginner project, but might be a tad intimmidating for a true beginner! Cost is $60 and includes supplies to make 1 pair of earrings.  As always, Elizabeth provides professional instructions that are easy to understand and follow as well as person instruction in class.  Link to this class is HERE!

April 30th at 2PM - Elizabeth Edwards teaching Ombre Bracelet! - Elizabeth returns to Bead-Therapy teaching one of her own designs in a modified netting stitch! Come and make this one of a kind bracelet and improve your beading skills!  Supplies are provided in cost of class.  Cost is $60 and the class lasts 2.5 hours.  Class size limited to 8.  Link to this class is HERE!

May 14th at 10AM - Nancy teaching Precious Metal Clay Jewelry! - Come experience a new medium (fine silver clay) with designing and learning how to prepare your jewelry pieces for drying and kiln firing.  You can make either 2 pair of earrings or pendant and earrings depending on size.  Nancy will provide information about the nature of silver clay, how to design, how to avoid problems with your clay and how to finish your pieces.  You will need to return to finish and pick up your pieces.  Nancy will discuss how to finish and will offer a set time to meet back for finishing your pieces.  if you are unable to meet back up at that time, then she will discuss finishing on your own.  This is a beginning precious metal clay class.  She will discuss the differences between fine silver clay and base metal clays.  Future, more advanced classes will be discussed.  Nancy requires 3 students for the class to happen.  Cost of this class is $98 and includes the Fine Silver clay to make your project.  Link for this class is HERE!

May 14TH AT 1PM - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches Timeless Elegance Bracelet!-  This is a Beautiful project of Dale's and better picture/more information is coming.  Link to this class is HERE!

May 21st, 2022 at 10AM - Dina teaching Graduated Byzantine Necklace in Bright Aluminum rings!  Dina will discuss the importance of Aspect Ratio in making Chainmaille jewelry at the beginning of this class and show samples of appropriate AR and poor AR for Byzantine.  Some chainmaille experience is suggested though this could be done by an adventurous beginner.  You will not finish this project in class.  Kits will be provided.  It is suggested that you either arrive early for this class to "open" your rings or pick up a kit early and open rings prior to class so you won't use class time for prep work.  Bring your pliers to class is you have them (jewelry chain nose pliers- you need 2- you can use a flat nose and a chain nose, but sometimes the flat nose will interfere).  We have tools that you can use in class and tools for sale- remember that you get 10% off all your purchases on class day (classes will not be discounted). Cost of this class is $55 (quite a few rings with this project).  Link to purchase your tickets HERE!!

May 21st, 2022 at 1PM - Pat teaching Mica Shift Polymer Clay technique for creating jewelry components! 
 In this class you will review clay conditioning and discuss the properties of mica shift in metallic polymer clay to make beautiful jewelry components.  Clay will be provided for you in this class to make a pair of earrings and either a pendant or bracelet bar.  Class will last about 2.5 hours.  You may or may not finish your project in class depending on your speed.  if you don't finish, Pat will discuss how to finish your project and/or you can return on an open bead night and we will help you finish. Cost of this class is $45.  Purchase your tickets HERE!!

May 28th at 10AM Dina teaching Dying and stamping Leather bracelet!
 More info and picture of this coming.  Link for this class is HERE!

May 28th at 1pm - Susan Teaching Netted Ornament Cover!!
 - if you want to get a jump on the holidays and make ornaments for all your friends- come join me in learning/making this delightful and easy cover.  Cost of this class includes your ornament and all needed beads for it! This is a bead and time intensive class.  You will not finish this ornament in class, but can return for help if needed.  Cost of class is $50. This could be done by a beginner, but would be a bit challenging.  Link for this class is HERE!

June 4th at 1PM - Phillip teaching Beginning Wire Wrap/Weaving Pendant Phillip returns after the long COVID hiatus to teach his unique method of wire weaving!  This is just the beginner course. Phillip is a self taught wire artist. He has sold his jewelry locally and as far away a California. He is a gentle soul and a patient teacher.  All needed materials are included in the cost of the class.  Bring your wire tools if you have them, otherwise you can use our class tools.  Cost of this class is $60. Class limited to 8 students.  Link to this class is HERE!

June 11th at 10AM - Tracy teaching Metal Stamping!!Come and learn how to stamp on metal forms and make a bracelet and or a pendant.  This type of jewelry has been around for several years, but with all the cute design stamps, you can have a ball!  You will complete a bracelet in class and maybe a pair of earrings too if there is time.  Cost of this class is $45 and includes supplies to make both bracelet and earrings.  This class is a precursor to a more advanced class to follow.  Link for this class is HERE!

June 11th at 1PM - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaching another fabulous wire class.  Project to be determined.  

June 18th at 10AM - Dina teaching Helm's weave Chainmaille Bracelet!  More info/cost to follow with picture.

June 18th at 1PM - Pat Teaching using Alcohol Inks on Polymer Clay Jewelry! - In this class you will learn how to paint your stamped polymer clay with alcohol inks to make vibrant jewelry components. You will complete a pendant in class. You will learn basic polymer clay conditioning, stamping and cutting as well as techniques for baking and making jewelry.  All supplies needed to complete your pendant, is included with your class fee.  You can bring your polymer clay tools or use ours for class. Cost of this class is $50 and Link is HERE!!

Don’t forget that we offer many classes on demand.  If the teacher is local, most are willing to teach classes at a convenient time for you and the teacher.  I’m getting these on the website, but please have patience!!!  

And generally, I sometimes (ok, all the time) don't really proof this newsletter prior to sending it out.  Most of the time because I'm sending it out at the last minute and in sort of a hurry.  Please excuse the poor grammer and misspelled words.  That's not my strong suit!  

And please remember to shop small.  I know there are a lot of other places that you can shop at to purchase your beads.  I'd like to think that we offer valuable knowledge and skills to enhance your jewelry (or beaded whatever) making.  The big boxes continue to get bigger and I'm hearing of more and more of my fellow bead shop owners having to close down because they can't compete.  I can't compete either, but would like to think that I offer more choices and services that make you want to come back for more.  Thanks for your support and I hope that I can stay here for you for many more years to come!

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