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June 2022 Bead-Therapy events and happenings!

June Newsletter

Did you miss me?  I totally forgot to send out a May newsletter because I was out of town and I just forgot.  I've gone back to working my first job to help pay some of the bills and I just forgot.  I'm getting old, ok?  And the big sale in June is going to be postponed a bit (2-4 weeks due to my work schedule). I have to be here for the big sale, right?!  Sure!!  I'll send out an email about the big event if it's before the next newsletter.  Don't worry!  I want YOU to be here even more than I want ME to be here!  

On to the CLASSES!!!

May 24th at 1PM - Senior Tuesdays with Lori!  Design your own jewelry set with Lori!!  Come and pick out your strand of beads (we'll have a selection to choose from), chain and findings and Lori will discuss how to design and make a jewelry set.  Set yourself free and make jewelry to make your jewelry to match an outfit, give to mom- whatever!!!  Lori has over 25 years of designing jewelry and can show you the way!  Cost of this class is $15 and includes materials to make your own necklace and earrings!  Link to this class is HERE!

May 28th at 10AM Dina teaching Dying and stamping your own Leather bracelet! 
 Learn how to stamp and dye leather!  This is a fun class and Dina has been enjoying and doing this for years!  Come and try your hand at making one! Cost of this class is $45 and includes all supplies needed.  Link for this class is HERE!

May 28th at 1PM - Amy teaching all sorts of Leather Chain and beaded bracelets! Amy is going to teach you just about any and all Bracelets that you want to make out of her collection of fabulous bracelets!  A lot of you know Amy and she makes a LOT of great bracelets and Earrings!  She can teach different projects to several people at the same time (and still be coherent and a great teacher!).  You won't want to miss another great class with Amy.  Cost of this class is $45 and includes supplies to make a bracelet of your own and Amy can even help you pick out supplies for more if you want to make gifts for friends/relatives or even for yourself. Link to this class is HERE!!

June 4th at 10AM - Amy teaching Chandelier Earrings!  Come and make these cute swingy easy to make earrings with Amy!  Cost of class is $45 includes all supplies to make a lovely pair of earrings!  Bring your wire tools if you have them and otherwise we have tools to borrow.  Link to this class is HERE!!

June 4th at 1PM - Phillip teaching Beginning Wire Wrap/Weaving Pendant - Phillip returns after the long COVID hiatus to teach his unique method of wire weaving!  This is just the beginner course. Phillip is a self taught wire artist. He has sold his jewelry locally and as far away a California. He is a gentle soul and a patient teacher.  All needed materials are included in the cost of the class.  Bring your wire tools if you have them, otherwise you can use our class tools.  Cost of this class is $60. Class limited to 8 students.  Link to this class is HERE!

June 11th at 10AM - Tracy teaching Metal Stamping!! - Come and learn how to stamp on metal forms and make a bracelet and or a pendant.  This type of jewelry has been around for several years, but with all the cute design stamps, you can have a ball!  You will complete a bracelet in class and maybe a pair of earrings too if there is time.  Cost of this class is $45 and includes supplies to make both bracelet and earrings.  This class is a precursor to a more advanced class to follow.  Link for this class is HERE!

June 11th at 1PM - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaching "Almost Primative!"  
What better way to become familiar with history's first cold-connection techniques than to learn and practice them while making a stylish necklace? Learn how to chase and texture, twist, curve, bend, and shape a variety of different wires into your own handcrafted beads, chain links, and spacers. Choosing from a selection of artistic beads provided with your class kit, you will discover how to combine all of these items into an artistic necklace, complete with your own handmade clasp!  Students are invited to bring their own collection of artistic beads to use within their own necklace, if they’d like.  Cost of this class is $55 and includes supples.  Link to this class is HERE!

June 18th at 10AM - Dina teaching Helm's weave Chainmaille Bracelet!  Learn this elegant weave in 18 gauge copper/aluminum mix!! This looks good for men and for women!  Cost of this class is $45 and includes supplies needed for your bracelet.  Link for this class is HERE!!     

June 18th at 1PM - Pat Teaching using Alcohol Inks on Polymer Clay Jewelry! - In this class you will learn how to paint your stamped polymer clay with alcohol inks to make vibrant jewelry components. You will complete a pendant in class. You will learn basic polymer clay conditioning, stamping and cutting as well as techniques for baking and making jewelry.  All supplies needed to complete your pendant, is included with your class fee.  You can bring your polymer clay tools or use ours for class. Cost of this class is $50 and Link is HERE!!

June 25th at 10A - Susan teaching the wavy American Flag Bracelet!  Show your spirit anytime during the year by making this Patriotic Wavy America Flag Bracelet!  I'll help you get started and complete your project in class (or later on open bead night if you take a bit longer.  I get compliments whenever I wear mine out in public!  This is a beginning bead class.  Supplies included are size 8o seed beads in Red, White, Blue and Gold.  Cost of this class is $45.  Link to this class is HERE!

June 25th at 1P - Cathy teaching Decorative Paper Earrings!  Come and make these cute and lightweight Earrings with Cathy!  In this class you will learn how to use Washi tape and/or other decorative paper to make lightweight, swingy earrings in just about any color imaginable!  Supplies to make one or two pair of earrings is included in the class. Bring your jewelry tools if you have them or you can borrow ours!  Cost of this class is $40. Link to this class is HERE!!

July 9th at 1pm - Susan Teaching Netted Ornament Cover!!  - if you want to get a jump on the holidays and make ornaments for all your friends- come join me in learning/making this delightful and easy cover.  Cost of this class includes your ornament and all needed beads for it! This is a bead and time intensive class.  You will not finish this ornament in class, but can return for help if needed.  Cost of class is $55. This could be done by a beginner, but would be a bit challenging.  Link for this class HERE!!

July 16th at 10A- Dina teaching another Chainmaille piece!  Details to follow soon!

July 16th at 1P - Pat teaching Stained Glass Pendant in Polymer Clay!!  
Learn how to make this beautiful Translucent clay pendant that loks like stained glass!  You will learn how to condition clay and mix colors to make this work of art.  Clay is included in class fee ($45).  We have clay tools to use, though you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.  Link to this class is HERE!

July 25th at 1PM - Jenny teaching Cane Glass Earrings or Pendant (or keychain) - Learn/Improve your wire forming and jewelry designing skills while making these unique earrings with Cane glass.  Learn how to deal with larger holes in beads as well as designing your own beautiful accessories to wear!  These gifts as well!  You will be able to make at least 1pair of earrings (or zipper pull or bookmark) in class.  Bring your wire tools if you have them (we have tools to borrow if you don't) All supplies needed ito make your pair of earring or keychain is included in your class fee.  This is a beginning bead class.  Cost is $45 and class lasts about 2.5 hours.  Link to this class is HERE!!

July 30th at 1P - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches Tree of Life Pendant!  
The Tree of Life is an esoteric philosophy common to many cultures and mythologies. The Ancients envisioned the entire cosmos in the form of a tree, whose roots grow deep in the ground, branches reaching high into the heavens. You can choose different colored gemstone chips to create your tree according to a favorite season, such as agates and jaspers for autumn; or aventurine with sprinkles of rose quartz to represent a blossoming tree in spring. Samples of different styles will be on display.  Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home. Cost of this class is $55 and includes gemstone chips/beads and wire for class.  Link to this class is HERE!!!

August 20th at 1P - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Round and Round", a Donut Pendant! -  (Picture to follow) Almost everyone knows what a donut shape is, such as an edible cake or something to sit on. However, in the jewelry making world a donut shaped item might be an interesting stone, a carved Paua shell, or a metal washer! Students in this class will discover how to use wire, accent beads, and their choice of a unique Pebeo donut to create their own distinctive pendant. Several different pendant examples will be on display, as well as donut bracelet and necklace ideas. ** Students from this class who wish to purchase 3 or more designer Pebeo donuts after class will receive a 20% discount on them!!  Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home.  Link to this class is HERE!

September 17th at 1P - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Crystal Chaos Pendant!" - This project is actually the result of an accident that turned into a really cool, universal design. Learn to create free form prongs on an18mm round Rivoli stone, complete with a reversed bail. The formulations and techniques taught will allow you to make a prong setting for about any stone or cabochon in future designs! Samples of different ideas will be on display.  Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home. Price TBD.  Link to this class is HERE!

October 15th at 1P - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Timeless Beauty" Wire Bracelet! Dale first developed this design in 1994 and since then have sold more than 1000 versions! It has become her absolute and repeat customer “best seller”. Discover Dale's secret on how to lock pattern wire within the bracelet frame; how to prevent wraps from slipping; make your own hook & eye clasp; learn how to resize this bracelet in 15 minutes, and how to choose the correct pattern/square wire combination for success every time. The class fee includes all supplies needed to make one bracelet per student in class. Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home.  This class can be done in a more affordable version for $70 (craft wire) HERE or a High End kit (Argentium and gold fill wire) for $90 HERE! 

Don’t forget that we offer many classes on demand.  If the teacher is local, most are willing to teach classes at a convenient time for you and the teacher.  I’m getting these on the website, but please have patience!!!   

And generally, I sometimes (ok, all the time) don't really proof this newsletter prior to sending it out.  Most of the time because I'm sending it out at the last minute and in sort of a hurry.  Please excuse the poor grammer and misspelled words.  That's not my strong suit!  

And please remember to shop small.  I know there are a lot of other places that you can shop at to purchase your beads.  I'd like to think that we offer valuable knowledge and skills to enhance your jewelry (or beaded whatever) making.  The big boxes continue to get bigger and I'm hearing of more and more of my fellow bead shop owners having to close down because they can't compete.  I can't compete either, but would like to think that I offer more choices and services that make you want to come back for more.  Thanks for your support and I hope that I can stay here for you for many more years to come!

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