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Bead-Therapy Happenings this Month of August! Come see us!

August Newsletter

Here we are again!!  More classes are planned for the next several months that you really DON'T want to miss!!  And as always- go to your local fun Bead-Therapy website to see all the fun classes planned!!  And please remember that some of our teachers drive more than 2 or 3 hours to get here to teach classes.  They can't drive here for only one or two students.  Classes will be cancelled if you don't sign up and pay for your class.  You can't show up on the day of class anymore and expect to have a class going.  So please, don't wait until the last minute to sign up and pay.  Here you go with a fun link (if needed) - CLASSES  Or read on below!!!    

On to the CLASSES!!!

August 6th at 10am - Susan Teaching Netted Ornament Cover!!  - if you want to get a jump on the holidays and make ornaments for all your friends- come join me in learning/making this delightful and easy cover.  Cost of this class includes your ornament and all needed beads for it! This is a bead and time intensive class.  You will not finish this ornament in class, but can return for help if needed.  Cost of class is $55. This could be done by a beginner, but would be a bit challenging.  Link for this class HERE!!

July 16th at 10AM Emma Teaching Bohemian Earrings!!  Come and learn how to make these popular dangly earrings with Emma!  She designs and makes her own patterns and they are gorgeous!!  These are made with Delicas and kits will be provided with cost of class.  Link to sign up for this popular class is HERE!!

August 6th at 1PM - Beginning Beading with Pam!! Want to design your own jewelry? Restring or learn how to fix something that’s broken? Make a bracelet that is small/large enough to FIT you?  Come take this class and free your imagination for designing original pieces of jewelry.  A kit is provided which makes a necklace (or bracelet) and a pair of earrings. Cost of this class is $40 and is a beginning beading class. Link to this Class is HERE!!

August 13th at 10AM. Dina teaching Chandelier Chainmaille Earrings!!  Learn how to make these stylish earrings with Dina!  This pattern uses aluminum rings and crystals.  Bring your chainmaille pliers if you have them and otherwise we have pliers to use in the shop for class. You should be able to complete at least one earring in class.  this class lasts 2.5 hours. Cost of this class is $45 and comes with all supplies!  Link to this class is HERE!!

August 13th at 1PM. Pat Teaching Watercolor Polymer Clay Pendant and/or Earrings!!  Come and learn this beautiful clay technique and a great pair of earrings and a pendant in dreamy colors!  Cost of this class includes all supplies needed in class to make your own earrings.  Cost of this class is $45.  Link to sign up for this class is HERE!!

August 20th at 10AM - Engibe Teaching the Half Tila Herringbone Bracelet!  Learn how to make this beautiful slide bracelet while learning or advancing your peyote skills! Engibe will discuss design and technique in her class. All supplies needed will be provided in class other than needle and thread. Cost of this class is $45. It will last 2-2.5 hours.  Link for this class HERE!

August 20th at 1P - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Round and Round", a Donut Pendant! -  Almost everyone knows what a donut shape is, such as an edible cake or something to sit on. However, in the jewelry making world a donut shaped item might be an interesting stone, a carved Paua shell, or a metal washer! Students in this class will discover how to use wire, accent beads, and their choice of a unique Pebeo donut to create their own distinctive pendant. Several different pendant examples will be on display, as well as donut bracelet and necklace ideas. ** Students from this class who wish to purchase 3 or more designer Pebeo donuts after class will receive a 20% discount on them!!  Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home. Cost of this class is $45.  Link to this class is HERE!

August 23rd at 1PM. Senior Tuesdays with Lori!  This week we will be discussing the basic tools needed for the creation of basic earrings!  Cost of this class is $10 and you will be making at least 3 pairs of earrings.  This class was developed for Seniors because Lori felt may seniors were intimidated by making jewelry and that these classes will make seniors more comfortable and able to make their own jewelry!  This class is not limited to seniors  and younger people are more than welcome (14 and over through please.)  Lori has over 25 years of designing jewelry and can show you the way!  Designing your own necklace happens on this date!  Link to this class is HERE!

Sept 3rd 10AM-5PM. Beading at the Big Table!  This is a Holiday weekend and we won't plan classes since a lot of people have other plans.  Come and join us for a great time socializing around the table with other beaders working on whatever project you want.  Need to finish some UFOs?  Need ideas on something that you are working on?  Want to get started on that new project or kit that you've been waiting to do?  Come on!!  Need a new project?  We can help!!!

August 27 10AM - Pam teaching her Snowflake Ornament!  Come and make this beautiful Snowflake Ornament just in time for Christmas (ok, it's a bit early, but you are going to want to make several for friends and family!)!  This is a beginner project and might be finished in class if you have some experience with beading.  Cost does include an ornament (glass) and all the needed beads to complete your project.  Cost is $45.  Link to this class is HERE!

August 27th at 1PM - Meredith teahcing her own Ornament Cover!  Come make this beautiful Ornament Cover with Meredith to keep as your own or give to a special person for the holidays!  These are easy to make and make great gifts!  This is a beginning beading class!  Cost of this class is $45. Link to this class HERE!

September 10th at 10AM - Elizabeth Edwards Teaching Right Angle Weave Bootcamp!!  Do you have a fear of Right Angle Weave? Believe it is a difficult stitch that you can't master? You are WRONG!! Come learn/master this useful stitch with Elizabeth! This is an intensive six hour class in which you learn basic the basic Right Angle Weave and how to embellish it and design your own exciting pieces! Cost of this class will include all supplies to make all three bracelets shown. This is a Beginning Beading Class. Elizabeth is nationally known and taught at Bead and Button at the 2019 B&B show. She was scheduled to teach THIS class at the Bead and Button show 2020, but nobody was able to take the class due to cancellation of the whole show due to COVID.  We are lucky enough to have her teaching at Bead-Therapy on this date! Come join Elizabeth for this great class! Size of class limited to 8.  Cost is $90.  Link to this class is HERE!!

September 17th at 10AM - Dina Teaching Half Persian Four in One Chainmaille Bracelet!!  Learn this great weave with Dina!  This weave is a beautiful flat weave that wears elegantly!  This class requires you to know European 4 in 1 which was taught previously.  Cost of this class is $50 and includes all rings to make your bracelet as well as a toggle clasp.  Rings are aluminum and anodized titanium.  There will be a silver and niobium version that will be added later as an option.  If you do not know Euro 4:1, please contact the shop and request a private class BEFORE this one if you want to take this class.  Link to sign up to this class is HERE!!

September 17th at 1PM - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Crystal Chaos Pendant!" - This project is actually the result of an accident that turned into a really cool, universal design. Learn to create free form prongs on an18mm round Rivoli stone, complete with a reversed bail. The formulations and techniques taught will allow you to make a prong setting for about any stone or cabochon in future designs! Samples of different ideas will be on display.  Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home. Cost of this class is $55.  Link to this class is HERE!

September 17th at 1PM. Pat Teaching Retro Cane Polymer clay Pendant!  Learn how to make these fun Retro pieces with a clay extruder and cane work!!    You will learn how to condition clay and mix colors to make this work of art.  Clay is included in class fee.  We have clay tools to use, though you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.  Cost of this class is $45 and includes clay and findings.  Link to this class is HERE!!

Sept. 24th at 10AM - Emma teaching Cellini Spiral Necklace!! - Come and learn how to make this fabulous necklace that will WOW your friends and relatives!  You can make it in subtle colors (like Emma’s) or bling it up and wear it for a night on the town.  Emma made one up for a close friend who wore it at her wedding!  It was drop dead georgeous!!  This will be taught over two classes.  One to start and learn the pattern and the other on reducing the ends and finishing.  The second class will be arranged when both you and Emma are available either on another Saturday or Thursday night.  Cost of this class will be $50 + supplies. Emma will have a couple of colorways picked out for you and we’ll post the offerings and costs in the class posting.  Supplies depend upon your taste. If you want to pick out your own beads we will have a supply list available and you need to come when the shop opens (9:30am) to pick out your supplies or come a few days before. Class limited to 7 students.  And don't worry, she'll teach this class again in the future.  Link to this class is HERE!

September 24th at 1PM. Nancy Teaching Precious Metal Clay Jewelry!!  Come experience a new medium (fine silver clay) with designing and learning how to prepare your jewelry pieces for drying and kiln firing.  You can make either 2 pair of earrings or pendant and earrings depending on size.  Nancy will provide information about the nature of silver clay, how to design, how to avoid problems with your clay and how to finish your pieces.  You will need to return to finish and pick up your pieces.  Nancy will discuss how to finish and will offer a set time to meet back for finishing your pieces.  if you are unable to meet back up at that time, then she will discuss finishing on your own.  This is a beginning precious metal clay class.  She will discuss the differences between fine silver clay and base metal clays.  Future, more advanced classes will be discussed.  Nancy requires 3 students for the class to happen.   Price includes 15gm of fine silver clay. Students will complete and pre-finish, the pieces will be fired by the instructor and tumbled. We will have tools for you to use on your project in class, but these are not included as part of the kit.  Pieces will be available for pick up and finishing with Nancy the following Thursday at 6PM.  Cost of this class is $98.  Link to sign up for this class is HERE!!!

Oct. 1st at 10AM and 1PM - Kassie Shaw Teaching the Escalera Bracelet!!  
The Escalera Ladder Cuff is a two-layer cuff made with peyote stitch and double right angle weave. This project is easier than it looks, but is an intermediate project due to its "fiddly" nature. Students NEED TO BE COMFORTABLE with the following stitches: 1. Odd count peyote OR Even count peyote AND brick stitch AND 2.  Right Angle Weave (knowledge of basic right angle weave is sufficient). Please take careful note of these basic stitch requirements, as the class will likely be full and we want everyone to have a successful time.  Kassie will be bringing kits of various colorways, but if you want to order a particular colorway for class, email by September 9. Cost of this class is $35 + kit from kassie or read description of class to see supplies needed.  Link to class here is HERE!!

October 1st at 1PM. Annette teaching Beginning Wire Wrap Pendant!!  Learn how to wrap your own cabochons like a pro! Create beautiful pendants or earrings with Annette. Cost of this class is $50 and includes the wire and stone. Supplies needed: round nose, flat nose and chain nose pliers (if you have them). Bead mats and lights are provided. Class size limited to 8.  This is a beginning bead class.  Class lasts 2-2.5 hours.  You will complete one pendant in class.  Link to sign up for this class is HERE!!

October 15th at 1P - Dale Cougar Armstrong teaches "Timeless Beauty" Wire Bracelet! Dale first developed this design in 1994 and since then have sold more than 1000 versions! It has become her absolute and repeat customer “best seller”. Discover Dale's secret on how to lock pattern wire within the bracelet frame; how to prevent wraps from slipping; make your own hook & eye clasp; learn how to resize this bracelet in 15 minutes, and how to choose the correct pattern/square wire combination for success every time. The class fee includes all supplies needed to make one bracelet per student in class. Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home.  This class can be done in a more affordable version for $70 (craft wire) HERE or a High End kit (Argentium and gold fill wire) for $90 HERE! 

October 22nd at 10AM Engibe teaches the Half Tila Herringbone Bracelet!  Everybody who sees this bracelet wants to make it and Engibe makes it look easy!!   Come and learn from the best!!  This can be done by a beginner, but is a bit challenging if you haven't done needlework before.  Beads and clasp are supplied to make your bracelet. Cost of this class is $45 Link to this class is HERE!

November 5th form 10am-5pm -Teacher Showcase and Sale!  Come see all our teachers fabulous work that they have made and have for sale! Rather buy a beautiful Christmas gift instead of making it?  You'll have your pick here!  See all the beautiful pieces!  We have seveal teachers that sell at the Saturday and the Sunday market!!

Don’t forget that we offer many classes on demand.  If the teacher is local, most are willing to teach classes at a convenient time for you and the teacher.  I’m getting these on the website, but please have patience!!!   

And generally, I sometimes (ok, all the time) don't really proof this newsletter prior to sending it out.  Most of the time because I'm sending it out at the last minute and in sort of a hurry.  Please excuse the poor grammer and misspelled words.  That's not my strong suit!  

And please remember to shop small.  I know there are a lot of other places that you can shop at to purchase your beads.  I'd like to think that we offer valuable knowledge and skills to enhance your jewelry (or beaded whatever) making.  The big boxes continue to get bigger and I'm hearing of more and more of my fellow bead shop owners having to close down because they can't compete.  I can't compete either, but would like to think that I offer more choices and services that make you want to come back for more.  Thanks for your support and I hope that I can stay here for you for many more years to come!

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