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I've been beading for about 21 years or so now and have made quite a few pieces.  I'll post pictures here and list who made the pattern and where to find it (if I know... some I made some time ago and might not be able to find where I got the pattern from.  IF you recognize the pattern and I don't have it listed for who made the pattern, please let me know and I'll post it. 

This is my pattern originally modified from Dixie Ackerman's pattern using Delica beads.  It is for sale (the pattern).

Bugle Bridge Bracelet.  My design, but patterned off of Jill Wiseman's Pillars of Strength bracelet (which I love).  

Moroccan Splendor Bracelet

This pattern was originally published in Bead Work Aug/Sept 2014 and in Favorite Bead Stitches 2015. That was my 15 seconds of fame. I was even COVER Bracelet that month. I was really excited. They condensed the pattern down to 2 pages and it was readable, but my PDF pattern is much easier to follow with lots of pictures. It was later published in "50 Favorite Bracelets" with a lot of other really cool bracelet patterns.  Interweave called it "Indian Summer," not sure why.  
This is just a strung necklace with amethyst barrel beads, little gold beads and baroque freshwater pearls.  I thought it was pretty.  So did my Mom.  Amethyst is her birthstone.  How could I say no?  I made another one for myself (we don't live in the same city, so it's ok....)
Pearl Drop Crystal "V" Necklace by Maria Rypan.  I love this pattern.  The instructions are easy to follow and I've made it in several colors and love them all.  Maria is a great teacher too if you ever get to take a class from her.
Embellished Viking knit.  I love Viking knit and this rope is made with Argentinium silver (an ounce of silver total) and the pearls are sewn on with fireline.  This really isn't a pattern. I made it up myself.  Wasn't hard.
I love Viking knit and love to use colored wire to make it as accent components in bracelets.  And of course I love these cool lampwork beads too!!!