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Aragonite is a carbonated metamorphous gemstone naturally found in stalactites or around natural hot springs. This form of aragonite is often called floss ferri (“iron flowers”), due to its thin, entwined branch-like crystal formations. Another source of aragonite can be found in the mother-of-pearl lining of mollusk shells. It is secreted by the mantle tissue of mollusks--specifically in pearl oysters--and makes up the layers of nacre that the oyster uses to create the pearl itself. The multiple thin layers of aragonite give the abalone shell the pearl-like luster and beauty that makes it much loved for sage smudging among certain Native American tribes. The fossilizing qualities of aragonite are interesting. Its soluble calcium-like qualities are found to be a key factor in the preservation of many shell, snail and coral fossils. Over time, the aragonite will re-crystallize into a more stable form of calcite to forever preserve the hard materials until their beauty is rediscovered and enjoyed millennia later.

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Aragonite 8mm round (approx 25 beads/strand)