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Sometimes I come across useful information and I'll put it here.  
Adding thread is a frequent question and there are many different ways to add.  White Fox Beads explains/demonstrates some of these methods.  I use method #3 since I use Fireline.  It really has helped speed my beading along!!  Here's a link- 

January- Red Garnet and Rose Quartz
February- Amethyst and Bloodstone
March -Aquamarine and Crystal
April -Crystal quartz and Herkimer diamond
May -Malachite and chrysoprase
June – pearl and moonstone
July -Ruby and carnelian
August -Peridot and jade
September -Lapis and sapphire
October -Opal and tourmaline
November - Topaz and citrine
December -Onyx and turquoise
Stones and some general info about them (Mohs hardness, Chakra, Metaphysical attributes, etc.)