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Cougar's Choice Handheld Tools Flat Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers – each tip width is 3x1mm; jaws have crisp 90° angles; working jaw is 23mm long; overall length from jaw tip to bottom of handle is 14.7cm/5-7/8 inches; smooth leaf spring action for ease in closing; balanced steel construction with non-slip PVC handles that are designed for maximum comfort in the palm of any sized hand.

Suggested use: Jewelry Making

Specially designed for the traditional wire artist to hold and use for extended time periods while holding a wire bundle, making necessary 90° and other precise angles, and to help create consistent wire wraps/bindings. 

Tool Testimonials:


Donna Hunt with Dale Cougar Armstrong.


Yeah! Finally felt like getting back into my studio. Look what the mailman just brought me, my new Dale Cougar Armstong pliers. I am so pleased to get wire working pliers created by a renown wire artist!




Silvia Dunn‎ to Cougar's Creations


Just wanted to thank you Dale. My new pliers came Friday. They are the BEST. LATELY MY hands have been getting worse with arthritis and these pliers are like butter in my hands. You are the BEST. I haven't been so excited to have pliers in my hands in awhile. It is back to my jewelry making table in the spare room.




Joanie E Madouse‎ to Cougar's Creations


Oh my.....look what arrived in the mail today! I love the way the handles feel, Dale. I know I will enjoy using these.




Connie Moore


OMG, I purchased Dale Cougar Armstrong set of tools, pic below. They are fabulous. They are light weight, they fit my hand, my daughters hand and my granddaughters hand. You need to get a set. You won't believe how easy they make your piece...




Linda Chandler‎ to Dale Cougar Armstrong


Dale, these square nose pliers are awesome. I've been trying to make small attachments to solder to an etched piece for a leather bracelet. I was finally able to get them made today.